just keep swimming

I guess little b is finished swimming. I, on the other hand, am doing all I can to stay afloat.

Not much has changed. Nausea. Fatigue. Blah. Just blah. I had to cancel plans more than once for the big blah.

Keeping my mouth shut for five days was not easy. A part of being pregnant is the need for empathy, or maybe sympathy. I think. You want to complain about how much you feel like death to get at least a look of “imsosorryiwishicouldmakeitbetterforyou”. Listening to the rantings of someone twice as pregnant and now into the “I don’t feel as much like shit” zone is like life in hell if you can’t bitch right along.

I’m now wallowing in my own self pity. About to dig into a gallon of ice cream. I’m ready for the second trimester like yesterday. They say you should only gain a couple pounds in the first trimester. I feel like I’ve gained ten. This is not a competition.

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