Nausea AND fatigue AND dreams…OH MY!!

The fatigue and nausea have been pretty consistent. I would say that if I could live in bed I’d be great. For the most part I am. However, with sleepsleep comes some pretty crazy dreams.

I swear. I’m dreaming babies like crazy. Several with twins. Several with big babies. Not only that, just really realistic and bizarre dreams that I can’t quite remember.

We had an appointment with our OB on Wednesday. We were bumped back up to 10 weeks!! Yes! Even a day closer to the second trimester makes me a happy camper. Now I’m like almost a week closer. It seems we might be dealing with a big head though.

Weight gain is real. I still just feel fat and not pregnant. I’m waiting for that real bump to form. BB looks good though and that’s all that matters. Now if September would just get here. Like pronto!

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