Have I mentioned that I feel like hammered crap? All the time!!! Yesterday we decided to drive three hours with three dogs in the car. That was not the best idea. I knew it would be bad. Between one dog farting and another licking his balls.

I will be spending the better part of the week with another pregnant woman. She has about two months and a whole other kid up on me. While getting pedicures yesterday and munching on pizza, I couldn’t utter a word about my preggo self. I just have to look like I’ve gained a couple pounds and eat like it’s going out of style. I would love nothing more than to confide in a fellow baby mama, but not so. I have to hold out til the middle of March. Ugh!!!

its happening…BFP!

Its only been two weeks, but it sure feels like a lifetime. Two weeks ago I was three days late and decided to get a home pregnancy test on my way home from a work trip in Dallas. I didn’t feel pregnant, but we had been trying for two months and curiosity killed the cat.

I had already bought a cute little shirt weeks ago that I would give to hubby to announce the positive to him. Really something a guy would pick out for himself. A ref with his hands up that simply stated “TOUCHDOWN”, but it was the addition of the egg and sperm together at last above the ref that made the shirt.

So, I bought the test about one hour from home so I wouldn’t run into anybody at the store. I waited for the hour drive til I reached the comfort of my pristine bathroom to do the deed. I bought one of those test that is digital and also tells you time from conception. I wanted to know when that sucker took.

I swear it wasn’t thirty seconds before “pregnant” flashed in front of my puzzled eyes. I mean, we had only been trying for two months and I knew it would take at least a year. The little clock thing was still working so I thought maybe “not” would pop up before “pregnant”. A few seconds later it showed me that the sucker took ” 2-3 weeks” ago.

What?!!! I’m pregnant?!!! I said things like that and “there’s a baby in there?!!!” around 100 times in only two minutes. I got out my baby making calendar and figured that it happened on December 26th or 31st. I smirked as I remembered my NYE and what had transpired. A great guy story of how their first child was conceived for sure. Let’s just say some hot water was involved.

I hurried as fast as I could to get my stuff together for the weekend. We were going to be staying the weekend with his grandmother and he was already there. I had to return my rental car about a mile from her house and decided to walk instead of having him pick me up. I didn’t want him to even have a chance to suspect anything. I wanted it to slap him upside the face what his little fockers did to me. 

When I got to the house he was nowhere to be seen. I crept through the back of the house to the bedrooms. I met him in the hallway as he was coming out of a room. I told him I had a shirt for him. After looking at it for a good hour (it seemed) he responded with “really?!!!” I showed him the test and told him I saved the second obligatory confirmation test to do together. We decided to save that for first thing the next morning. So, lots of lovey dove usual response to a planned pregnancy and that was that. We were officially PREGGO!!

Fast forward a bit to the 21st. It was my moms birthday (the big 5-oh!) so we had planned to spend the day with her. It was such perfect timing that we had to announce our news to her…even though we always said we wouldn’t announce to anybody until we reached the second trimester.

I made a shirt that said human growing with pink leopard print iron-on letters and a blingy down arrow. Hubby was going to wear his shirt. We bought a baby on board sign. We announced as we were loading the car to go to her birthday lunch. Almost missed the point when she read the sign as having my dogs name and thought it was for him.

Then, we announced to the grandmother when we picked her up. It took her longer than it should have to notice the shirts. She screeched like an owl…no shit.

The step-dad didn’t find out until later that night and his was quite anti-climatic. To date they are the only family we have told and we are planning something big to announce it when we get to the safe zone.

I finally had my confirmation OB appointment three days ago. I was going to start this blog then, but well now I have an excuse for not always being so timely.

The appointment showed I was 6 weeks and 2 days with due date of 9/21. Yep, I confirmed with the OB that we most likely conceived on NYE.

After awkward questions that I had from “does he need to wear a condom now?” (I think the answer was something like if I was afraid he had an STD) to the boring “what can I take for nausea?” we were done and one step closer to parenthood.

Now, I’m caught up to speed. In a cliffs notes kinda way that was the last two weeks.

Tonight my brother called out of the blue. He has two kids. If you didn’t already guess, this little bean is my first. Well, they are pregnant and due three days after me. What the freaking hell?! Way to rain on my pregnancy parade. I obviously didn’t tell him our news, but I did find out that my mom already knew about his the day we announced ours to her. I won’t be doing a double baby shower. Hell to the big fat no! And, I will be. I already feel like I’ve gained 50 pounds. Only 33 and some days to go.